Pachyderm Recording Studio

Cannon Falls, MN:

I started at Pachyderm as an intern, and was promoted to staff assistant when the internship was up. The residential studio was about an hour south of Minneapolis on 40 acres of woods. The Neve 8068 console sounded awesome, and it was complimented nicely by the 2 Studer 24-track tape machines and an impressive collection of tube microphones.

Sadly, in 2011, Pachyderm shut it's doors for good. I still have dreams about this place.

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Third Ear Recording Studio

Minneapolis, MN:

Thirs Ear Recording was another one of those 90s staples in the Minneapolis music scene. It was on the second floor of an old warehouse just north of the UofM campus. It had a Mackie console with a Neve sidecar, excellent api preamps, and a tempermental MCI 2" tape machine. I did overdubs here as well as entire albums.

Like many other studios, Third Ear is no more. The warehouse was torn down, and I don't think a new location has been found.

The Terrarium

Minneapolis, MN:

In the late 90s, The Terrarium was located in a sketchy basement of a very old building in the warehouse district of Minneapolis. It was actually kind of scary being there by yourself with no windows and dark corners everywhere. In the studio, there was an old Neve (my favorite), 2-inch analog, and lots of guitar amps to play with. I loved going there for overdubs.

In 2000, The Terrarium moved to it's much nicer new digs in northeast Minneapolis.

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Stark Lake Studios

Ocoee, FL:

I didn't do a lot of work at Stark Lake Studios. By the late 90s, I was freelancing doing live sound for corporate events for Gettings Productions who also owned the studio. Occasionally, they had need for a studio assistant for orchestral sessions. I think I even did post for a video on the Post Pro System once when their engineer was away at AES! It was great to get back into the studio.

Stark Lake Studios is still going strong in Ocoee, FL.

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Andora Studios

North Hollywood, CA:

Despite being hired to be an assistant engineer for Andora's mix room in 1995, I was a lowly runner for my very short time in Los Angeles. It was a beautiful studio with amazing gear and impressive clients. At one point, the Red Hot Chili Peppers were mixing in one room while Alannah Myles was tracking in the other. My life would be totally different if I could have made that gig last.

In the late 90s, Andora was sold and became Larrabee East Studios. I hope they still have that sweet Neve 8078 in the mix room!

Album Projects

Kruddler - Think About It Buddy (1995)

This EP was recorded and mixed in a weekend at Pachyderm Recording Studio (thanks to a last minute cancellation and the offer of cheap studio time.) This was my first project all on my own. It was released independently in 1995.

Unbelievable Jolly Machine - Flap Jack (1996)

Basic tracks recorded at Pachyderm with some overdubs at Third Ear. Album was mixed at Pachyderm and released on Mutagenic Records in 1996.

Kruddler - On The Lamb (1997)

Basic tracks recorded at Pachyderm with overdubs and mixing at The Terrarium. The album was released independently in 1997.

Popcycle - Gool (1997)

Basic tracks were recorded at Pachyderm with overdubs at Third Ear and The Terrarium. Album was mixed at Third Ear and released independently in 1997.

Popcycle - Heyday (2000)

I recorded the basic tracks for this album at Third Ear. The album was completed by Rich Mattson and Third Ear owner and engineer Tom Herbers. The album was released independently in 2000.

Peterson Riggs - No Cover (1995)

This was recorded and mixed in a guy's basement studio in Golden Valley. I'm not sure how much co-producing I did, but Scott and Dave were nice enough to give me a credit anyway. Album was released in 1995.

Big Red Ball - EP (1995)

This was an in-house project at Pachyderm for their newly formed label. I worked closely with Brent Sigmeth who was the chief engineer at the studio. This was a fun project, and, later, I did mixed several live shows for the band.

Paw - Death to Traitors (1995)

My first and only major label credit. Clif Norrell was the Producer/Engineer on this project at Pachyderm. Album was released in 1995 on A&M records.

The Connells - Weird Food & Devastation (1996)

Assisted producer/engineer Tim Harper on this project. This was my final session as assistant at Pachyderm. The album was released on TVT records in 1996.

Minnesota Modern Rock - The Pachyderm Sessions (1995)

This was an in-house project at Pachyderm that became the new label's first release in 1995. It was great experience for me because of the variation of artists and styles on the record which showcased many Minneapolis acts of the mid-90s.

Fancy Dog's Rockin' Christmas (1996)

This was a Christmas album by guitarist Dan "Fancy Dog" Neale. Produced by Jim Nickel and engineered by Brent Sigmeth. It was released on Pachyderm Records in 1996.

Shock Poets - Bait (1995)

This was an Australian band recorded at Pachyderm. The session was produced by studio owner Jim Nickel and engineered by Brent Sigmeth. The album was released in Australia on the Roadshow Music label in 1995.